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Quick Facts

  • Built on powerful and flexible CMS ProcessWire 3.x.xx
  • Fully responsive
  • Multilanguage support
  • Full SEO support
  • Optional Google Analytics
  • Easily create new pages out of multiple predefined sections
  • Lazyload the sections of a page
  • Website-wide search by text
  • Password protect each page individually with sophisticated page-encryption with dummy texts and pixelated images


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didhavn-loremipsum-onepage v1.0.1

ProcessWire 3.x.xx Blog Template



  • user: testadmin
  • password: l3tm3t3stit


The didhavn-loremipsum-onepage template is a fully responsive, highly flexible onepage template for the powerfull CMS ProcessWire.

It is highly customizable including multilanguage- and SEO-support and one can easily include Google Analytics. Whatever information you want to publish on your website – text, images, videos, location maps or quotes – it can easily done with a few clicks.

The template has been designed to enable maximal flexibility maintaining a uniform and consistent design across all pages. In order to achieve such a consistency, every page is built of predefined building blocks called sections. Each section has a common layout with variable section-specific settings ensuring a uniform layout of the whole website. After creating a new page, one can add limitless numbers of sections that will be sequentially included in the given order loading the page. The order of sections can be changed by drag and drop. In addition, for each page one can decide whether the sections should lazyload while scrolling down.

To protect sensitive information, each page can be password-protected individually using a sophisticated page-encryption with dummy texts and pixelated images.

Furthermore, the template includes a website-wide search by text functionality.

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ProcessWire 3.x.xx


Fully responsive, Multilanguage support, SEO support, Google Analytics support, Multiple predefined sections, Lazyload the sections, Search by text, Password protect page


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